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Clash Royale is a highly popular real-time multiplayer battle platform and is among the best games in the App Store. It lies among the opponents from all over the world in fast pace battles of high intensity. The game may feel a little stressful at the beginning.

Through deploying different systems down the roads, Clash Royale utilizes MOBA gameplay. The two paths lead to two small castles, which defend the central building. The main task of the game is to destroy the main castle, and anyone who destroys it wins the game.

The strategic side of the game is easy to define: you can use a reloading elixir meter to build units. Only 8 different units can be selected, so select each unit carefully and try to deploy the units at the right time and right place. From ranged group troops and melee to the flying forces, and the buildings spawn small units, different amount of elixir is required for deploying the different units

It’s the moment to fight with players from all over the world and make the profits. Rewards can be earned by earning the chests. You need to earn the new cards in the game and upgrade the old cards. Keep destroying the buildings of enemies. You can also make your clan for sharing the cards and starting your own fighting community.

What’s the Gameplay?

The main objective of Clash Royale is to get more crowns. Crowns can be earned by destroying the towers of your opponents. Combine the spells and attack the enemies with a deck of all the cards you got.

There are some towers which are called Prince towers and King towers, and when you destroy any of them, you get more than one crown. If you play the game strategically and only destroy these two towers, you can instantly win the game. The game lasts for only 3 minutes, and all the towers should be destroyed in a given period, and yeah, the time can be extended for a few more seconds by using some power-ups.

If you have been a fan of Clash of Clans, you’ll be surprised to know that every card is representing your favorite character. But if you are playing this game for the first time, Clash Royale will show you all the characters and their skills. You can select any of these characters.


What are the Cards?

Cards are used for playing units on the field of battle. A total of 50 different cards are available in the game, and each card provides different skills, strengths, stats, and weaknesses. The game starts with a total of 8 cards, but you can win more cards by winning the matches and playing the game.

These cards are different in strengths and powers like some cards are not easily available, and some cards provide you so much power that you can even fight in different areas.

In Battle Royale, there are a total of 3 rarities of cards, which are epic, rare, and common. The epic cards are challenging to be found, but common cards are easy to find. You can win the chests after winning the matches. Chests provide you gems, gold, and cards.

When you get the cards from chests, you’ll have lots of duplicate cards, and these duplicate cards can be used for leveling up or upgrading the existing units.

What is the currency in Clash Royale?

Gold and Gems are the two different curries in the game. You can win the gold by winning the fights and opening the chests. Gold helps you in purchasing or upgrading the existing cards. Gems are found in the chests and are used for opening the chests.

If you have no currency in the game, the excitement level starts decreasing. But you can purchase the virtual currency of the game through in-app purchases.

Start the Battle on Larger Screens.

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are almost the same games and both have the same designs and graphics. The colors and cartoons make these games only for the children, but adult players are also in love with this game because of the fun and excitement.

Tencent Gaming buddy enables the players to start playing Clash Royale on the computer screens. The larger screen provides a better experience, and the players are in love with this game.

Clash Royale 3.2.1 Update

The new update provides the following features.

– Card level boosts

– You can unlock a tower skin for free in Season 6

– New card releases can be boosted to the King Tower Level.

– There is a new card, which is a powerful battle healer.

– Bugs have been fixed in the new update and the quality of life has been updated.

Tips and Tricks

The game is not so easy and simple to play. You need to spend a lot of time playing this game to be the master player. After some time, you will learn new techniques and strategies to adapt according to your enemies’ gameplay.

But the following tips will help you to win the game and improve the gameplay.

1. Join a Clan

After reaching at King level 3, you can join a clan. If you are new in the game, you must join a clan because you can request cards from the members of the clan, and you can level up the favorite cards quickly. You won’t have to wait for the cards to be shown in the victory chests. You can get King level points and gold by sharing the extra cards with your clan members. The tower’s HP is increased by leveling up the King Level.

2. Attack in Pairs

Always wait for the elixir to attack the enemy as it will help you to drop two troops at one time to provide you the maximum power. If you want to send a flying troop like Baby dragon or Minions, do not send them alone. You can send them with Giant so the enemies will attack the Giant, and your flying troops can attack the enemies.

3. Find the Battle Deck of Enemy

Always keep an eye on the cards of the battle deck of enemies and monitor the changes in the patterns. If you monitor them using arrow and Fireball attack, it shows a risk to the ground melee troops like Goblins and the Skeleton army.

How to Download and Install Clash Royale?

This game is available on Google Play Store and can also be downloaded from several websites.

– Open the official website of Clash Royale and Download the latest version of the game.

– After downloading, open on the file and click on install. The installation will start automatically, and you will be on the battlefield in a few minutes.


Clash Royale is a casual game that is also relaxing to play. This game is laidback and challenging, which makes it a perfect game for both kids and adults. The gameplay is not so much demanding. The excitement and fun in the game keep on increasing with the new levels.

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