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App title CotoMovies
Category Video Streaming
Version 3.0.3
Requires Android 4.1
File Size 5.3M
Updated 07-01-2020

Most of us love watching movies and TV shows in our free time. But most of the platforms of TV shows and movies are now paid. But there are still some apps that offer you all the latest movies and TV shows for free. One of these apps is CotoMovies. It gives you easy access to the latest video content in HD quality for free.

CotoMovies is indeed one of the best video streaming apps available, and in this guide, you will get to know all the features of CotoMovies app and how to install this app on your android phones.

What is CotoMovies?

It is a third-party video streaming app which offers you many TV series and films for free. There are no hidden charges and any in-app purchases. The vast library of CotoMovies provides you with the latest films and television shows in high-quality content.

CotoMovies supports all the significant platforms Mac, PC, Apple TV, any android TV, and Chromecast. One of the fantastic features of CotoMovies is that it allows you to download the video content so that it can be enjoyed later.

You can find all the oldest and latest movies and TV shows here so now you don’t have to spend lots of time on searching these movies on the web. Most of the video streaming apps these days are paid, and there are several hidden charges, but CotoMovies is free for all. There are no subscription charges or in-app purchases.

This application works flawlessly on both the android devices and iOS. The simple user interface makes it a perfect app for entertainment.

Features of CotoMovies


One of the best features of CotoMovies is that you don’t have to pay for this app. Download it from the official website for free. After installation, there are also no charges for surfing. There is no limit; you can watch unlimited movies in a day without spending a single penny.

– Download For Offline Mode

You can now watch movies without internet. CotoMovies allow you to download the movies and TV series so that you can watch them later without an internet connection.

You may consider the downloaded movies will take extra storage space in your device, but the video content downloaded from CotoMovies app is small in size and does not take much storage space.

– Ad-free

There are lots of ads while streaming the videos through many other streaming applications, but in CotoMovies, you will find minimal ads. This application is not completely ad-free, but it offers minimum ads comparatively.

It offers you high-quality content for free without several pop-ups appearing on your screen. The app owners collect the revenue from ads so you may see only a few ads while watching movies.

– Best Entertainment Platform

CotoMovies is the best platform for fun and entertainment as it offers you the latest movies in high quality for free. No one is counting your total hours spent on this app as there are no limitations or restrictions, and you can enjoy unlimited movies. There are no pop-ups for purchasing the premium version.

This app is indeed a perfect platform for spending some quality time watching the latest movies with friends at home.

– Multiple Languages

You can explore this application in several languages like English, French, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Bokmal, Swedish, Norwegian and Chinese.

– No Registration

There’s no need to log in or register for using CotoMovies. Simply download it and start enjoying your favourite available video content.

– Subtitles

CotoMovies offer you subtitles in up to 255 languages. Subtitles can be added in movies and TV series through offline, online or from an external file.

– Bollywood

You can get all kinds of movies here. Now whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood, everything is available on this app for free. CotoMovies offer you all the latest and old Hindi film.

– Small Size

CotoMovies is small in size, and it doesn’t take much space on your device. You won’t run out of the storage space because the movies and TV series downloaded are also comparatively smaller in size.

– New Updates

Latest TV series and films are uploaded regularly. Latest released movies are also available here in low quality. Whenever a new version enters the market, your app is updated automatically.

– Globally Available

Most of the apps have global restrictions, and users cannot access them from specific countries. But CotoMovies is accessible for the users globally. You can use this application from any country.

What are the Requirements?

Your device should have the following specifications for a smooth experience.

– Your device should have an HD resolution screen (720p or above)

– It should have Android version Kitkat or above.

– At least 2GB RAM should be available in your device.

– At least 1 to 2GB free storage available on your device.

– A stable internet connection is also required for this application.

How to Download CotoMovies

It is a third-party application. This application offers the pirated content without the permission of authorities, and it is illegal. So, it is not available on the Google Play Store because showing the pirated content is against the policies of Google.

You will have to download this application form the official website of CotoMovies. It just takes one click, and it will be downloaded. Go to the official website and download CotoMovies APK file and it will start downloading automatically. After completion, it will notify you.

How to Install CotoMovies

As this application is downloaded from third-party websites, so it cannot be installed without giving access to the apps downloaded from unknown sources. Move to the folder of Settings of your device and open ‘security and privacy.

Navigate to the option of “Install from the unknown sources” and then click on it. This option is by default disabled in devices. Toggle on this option to enable it.

Now follow the given steps:

– After downloading the app, open the File Manager on your device and locate the downloaded APK file.

– Open the file and tap the option of ‘Install.”

– The installation may take a few minutes. You can check the installation progress of the app.

– Once the installation is completed, you will receive a notification.

– You will see an icon of CotoMovies on the Home screen of your device.

– Open the app and start watching your favorite TV series and movies.


– Is CotoMovies Safe?

Yes, CotoMovies is safe to use. There is no malware or virus in this application. Although, it provides you with the video content from the third-party sources, and we recommend you to use a VPN service while streaming movies.

– Is CotoMovies shut down completely?

Yes, the official website of CotoMovies is shut down, but the app itself is working.

– Does CotoMovies Require Jailbreak?

No, CotoMovies doesn’t need jailbreak.

– Can I download CotoMovies on iPhones?

Yes, it can be downloaded on all iPhones.

– Is CotoMovies available on Play Store?

No, it is not available on Play Store.


CotoMovies is indeed the best video streaming application for films and TV shows. It is free, and the videos can be downloaded for offline mode. It gives you free access to all the latest movies for free. All the above-mentioned features make it a fantastic app.

If you think there’s an app better than CotoMovies, please let us know by commenting down the name. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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