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Cyberflix TV

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App title Cyberflix TV
Category Video Streaming
Version 3.2.2
Requires Android 4.2
File Size 18 MB
Updated 20-12-2019

Cyberflix TV APK is a free-to-download streaming application for Android. It’s got excellent content, and you can enjoy all the movies and television shows. There are several video streaming applications available for Android, but the distinctive features and film collections of Cyber TV make it one the best apps. This application supports tablets, Windows, Android and Firestick.

What is Cyberflix TV?

It is a very famous application for watching TV shows and movies. It could be the best replica of a famous app Terrarium TV, which is now discontinued. Cyberflix TV is a clone of this app. it supports several resolvers and sources for providing you with high-quality streams. It has a vast content library with your favourite videos. Cyberflix TV is 100 secure app, and it doesn’t have ads, so there will be no annoying ads which kill the user experience.

Cyberflix TV supports all the Android operating systems, but it is not available on the major app stores because it streams content for free, and this app has no rights to streaming that content. This is entirely illegal, so you’ll have to download it from verified and reliable websites. You can download Cyberflix TV APK or Cyberflix TV app. The installation takes a few minutes, and in just a few clicks, you can access your favourite content.

Features of Cyberflix TV

It provides you with a fantastic list of TV shows, films and content that no other application offers. New content is added in the list of available regularly, so you don’t need to surf the web and spend hours to find your favourite shows.

There is a section for subtitles in this app. Now watch the video content of any region across the world.

You can download any movies you want directly through Cyberflix TV.

This application offers you TV shows and movies ion High definition quality. You can select the video quality of films according to the internet connection.

Watching movies with ads is disturbing, but Cyberflix is ad-free. This feature makes it one of the most excellent apps video streaming apps available.

A separate section is available for the new release. You will get a notification when a new episode of your favourite TV show is uploaded on this app.

The excellent user interface and the small size of Cyberflix TV are the cool features to enhance the user experience.

Last but not least, Cyberflix TV is free to download, and there are no hidden charges. It is indeed one of the safest applications for video streaming in which there is no need for signup or registration.


Your government and service providers monitor your online activities, and they can track your browsing history and online searches. Anyone can access your IP address, and by using the IP address, they can also monitor you. Watching licensed/ copyrighted content can bring serious legal troubles for you. We suggest you use a virtual private network as it hides your IP address and provides you with complete online anonymity. No one can find your online interests and searches.

Requirements for Downloading Cyberflix TV

– Android version 4.0 or above

– Minimum of 2GB RAM

– Stable internet connection

– At least 100MB free storage

How to download Cyberflix TV

As Cyberflix TV is not available on verified app stores and you need to download it from third-party websites so before downloading the app, go to “settings” of your device and enable the unknown resources.

Download the link of the Cyberflix TV app from a secure link. Try to download the latest version available.

After downloading the app, go to the location and run the APK file by tapping it.

You will have to confirm the installation. It will show you the access and permissions required for the app. Accept all the terms and proceed.

There will be another confirmation window. Tap on “Install,” and the installation will take place.

The installation process may take place sometime. After the installation, it will notify you, and you’ll see an icon of the app on the Home screen of your device.

How to Use Cyberflix TV?

It is a simple application, and the better user interface makes it easy to use. Open the downloaded app, and there will be a collection of movies, series and TV shows. You can search the latest release content in the “newly released” section.

Select a movie you want to watch and just click on it. The ratings and reviews will provide you with a better idea of the film.

There is a search bar on the main screen of this app. You can also find the content by typing it in the search bar.

Subtitles section provides you subtitles of movies in more than 100 languages.

Cyberflix 3.2.0 Update

The new version 3.2.0 is available. It provides you with the following features.

4 new resolvers for the Debrid sources and 6 new resolvers for the non Debrid sources

Emojis have been added to the special links.

Fixed Watch32, Sockshare, ShareFM, MoviesHUB, and PLocker.

More Google video sources have been added.

Added 123MoviesHD, LockerNet and other scrape to find.


Is rooting required for Cyberflix TV?

No, Cyberflix TV does not require rooting. Just download the APK file, like other regular apps and install.

Is Cyberflix TV Ad-Free?

Yes, this application is ad-free. It provides you with a better user experience by not displaying the annoying ads.

Is Cyberflix TV Safe?

Cyberflix TV is free for users if they are watching content via a VPN. This application shows you the content from the available links, and we don’t know the sources of these links.

Is Cyberflix TV Legal?

Cyberflix TV shows you the copyrighted content, but streaming the copyrighted material is legal in some countries. We suggest you use a VPN service for this app.

Final Verdict

Cyberflix TV is a fantastic application, but it’s great if used properly. It is a free video streaming application, and you can watch TV shows, movies and series through this app. it is one of the safest applications available, and it has a great user-interface. It is simple to use, easy to install and small in size. We recommend using a VPN service while using Cyberflix TV.

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