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App title F-Droid
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Version 1.2
Requires Android 3.0
File Size 2.2M
Updated 06-01-2020

F-Droid is a combination of a repository and an android client. The repository is a store for a number of different applications, and Android clients help in downloading, updating apps from a repository to your device.

F-Droid is a software that you can install on an android device. You can see this application as a competitor of the play store. But it is not made for revenue generation. This organization accepts donations for funding.

We can say F-Droid as a welfare organization that is focused on providing a legitimate free application to the users. There is no single firm body that controls it; it is run by the community. The apps which are provided by F-Droid is free.

F-Droid works against lots of anti-features provided by an application. These anti-features make application non-free. Developers who contribute with free software to F-Droid remove patches of coding, which makes an application.

Features Of F-Droid

– Application without any adv.

The objective of F-droid is to provide free applications for all. An application with adv. is not free, even if it is available free of cost. The app is paying to other software for giving advertisement and get paid by advertisers.F-droid provide app having no ads, so it’s completely free. From the play store,sometimes you need to pay for getting the ad-free version of any application. You won’t need to pay F-Droid for this; all apps are ad-free.

– Application Won’t track you

An application that tracks you and sends information to other sources is not free, as it earns from them.F-Droid will provide you application free of this anti-feature, so that you won’t be tracked by apps on your device anymore.

– Application will be free of any non-free network

If any application is free, but other networks pay them, they are not considered free. Streaming softwares which are paid by other networks are not free, so you are going to get application free of this anti-feature.

– Applications will be free of non-free addons

If an application is charging nothing for getting downloaded, but for working, you need to add any other software. In this case, also the app will not be considered free, because it is getting paid by addon software. On F-droid, you will get application free from this anti-feature.

– Application between being independent of any non-free apps

If any app is downloaded for free, but it is dependent on any non-free applications, then also it won’t be considered free. Because indirectly, it is promoting that non-free applications. Apps from F-Droid will be free of this anti-feature.

Application will be free of non-free upstream

If an application claims to be free, but its main source of programming is not free, then it won’t be considered free. Non-free patches of this application are removed, and then it becomes free and available on F-Droid for getting downloaded

– Application will be free of non-free assets

An application downloaded by F-Droid will be free of all non-free assets. For example, apps of videos, images, and songs. They can be downloaded for free, but assets or services they provide have a charge. On F-droid you will get the application without having any non-free assets

– Application will be non-vulnerable

Sometimes applications downloaded are vulnerable to your device. Security checker of F-Droid check these vulnerable coding and disable these apps from downloading.

– Application without having any disabled algorithm

If the programming algorithm of any application is wrong, it causes a potential risk of crashing your device.F-droid provides you application free of this problem.

– No application without any source

Application without any source or having an unknown source will not be allowed to downloaded Droid will provide you app free of this bug.

Download F-Droid on Your Android Device

F-Droid, as already said, is a competitor of google play store. So it violates google policy of no competitor, that’s why it can’t be downloaded by play store.

To download this application on your device, first of all, you will have to allow unknown sources to download your device.

After that visit to the official website of F-droid and from there, download the.Apk file of this application.

Visit to file manager or downloads of your phone and then install it in your device. After installing this application will start running on your device.

How F-Droid Works?

F-Droid has no individual working body. This platform is for all; you can also contribute to this app by providing free applications. You can make your repository where your apps will be stored.

F-Droid is a company registered in the UK, and many operating systems have made F-Droid their official app store. F-Droid provides free apps, and it works with a contribution. It offers you a chance to become a user as well as a contributor to this great deed.

F-Droid has a comparatively low number of applications, but it is growing rapidly. It provides Free Open Source Software(FOSS). The features of this software have been already discussed above.

There is a Newsfeed that regularly keeps users updated about the new entry of software. Android client of this application will notify you for updates.

FAQs About F-Droid

– How can I know about new applications added to the repository?

Application update list of new applications sorted by release date. The application added with a week or top apps added is provided or check the regular new feed of this application.

– Why is F-Droid not on google play?

Application is not on google play because it violates the rules of google play by becoming their competitor.

– Where can I report complaints about apps?

A special forum is provided, where you can report about a bug, updates, and problems of any application.


F-Droid provides Free Open Source Softwares. It is an app store which provides application having no non-features like ads, paid network tracking, etc.

Application and F-Droid is in support of user freedom and information protection. It maintains your privacy by not tracking you. This system of F-Droid runs by contribution, and anybody can take part in that.

The information which you will provide will only be used for registering. It won’t be misused, privacy and user security is the main aim of F-Droid.

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