Fishing Diary

Fishing Diary

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App title Fishing Diary
Category Casual
Version 1.2.0
Requires Android 2.3.3
File Size 16M
Updated 16-05-2020

Crucial Details about Fishing Diary

This is a fishing simulation game that gives you a rare chance to capture live fish from the ocean. It has a wide range of fish species that guarantee a fulfilling fishing experience.

Additionally, you’ll have a fishing diary where you record all your fishing activities to help you keep track of your fishing journey.

Download Fishing Diary for Android and explore the incredible underwater world! Catch as many fishes as you can to earn crucial points and unlock superior gaming environments.

You’ll have different fishing tools to help you accomplish your mission. This may range from simple tools to deep bomb! Ensure that you select your weapons carefully to increase your chances of catching plenty of fishes.

An Interesting Storyline

This game is set in the future! In 2050, a nuclear accident affected marine life to the extent that only a few species of fish are surviving. However, scientists decide to restore the marine line by introducing fish afresh.

As such, you’ll be required to access the deep ocean where there are several fish species remaining. You will have a unique electric pistol to shoot any fish that you get, thus easing the process of catching it.

Dive deep, explore the underwater and capture many fishes. This way, you’ll contribute greatly to restoring marine life while earning generous rewards in the process.

An Exciting Gameplay

Fishing Diary is a simple and fun game that challenges you to catch different fish species. You’ll have more than ten cannons that you can explore to increase your chances of succeeding in the mission.

These cannons are located on the bottom part of your screen. If you want to execute an order, you’ll touch it and shoot towards the direction of the fish. Ensure that you have unmatched accuracy to get to your target precisely.

Also, you must find different types of fish available in your fish diary. Some of the species that you can catch include Mantra, Jellyfish, Shark, and Marmalade.

Unique Features of the Game

The game has the following outstanding features:

  • Nine pistols with different capabilities (speed and power)
  • Generous rewards on your level
  • Throw a bomb to catch many fishes
  • Feed the fish using a small piece of bread
  • Apply electric shock to control all the fish in a given area
  • Capture mermaids and bullhead shark to help you get unique treasures
  • Hidden stuff in each bonus stage
  • Retrieve online/offline coins to advance the gameplay

Fishing Diary Mod Apk Free Download

The modded version of the game has numerous fish species, different fishing equipment, and outstanding graphics. Download the latest version and enjoy even minute you spend gaming.

Unique MOD Features

  • Unlimited coins
  • Numerous guns/bombs unlock
  • More fish species available


If you love marine life, you should download this amazing fishing simulation. It gives you a chance to explore the underwater and catch different fish species.

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