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Updated 06-01-2020

Fortnite is a game published by Epic Games. It was released in the year 2017. Until today, this game is persistently receiving updates.It can also be played on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The best part is that this game is totally free of cost. This game can be downloaded from google play store on android devices and from Apple Store on iOS devices. On consoles, this game can be downloaded from the stores as a digital copy. On Mac and PC, this game can be downloaded from epic games launcher.

The game itself is free on consoles and requires no subscription to play on Playstation; however, Xbox Live subscription is required to play online on Xbox.

The great feature of the game is that it can support cross-play. This means that players can play across different platforms such as Xbox players can compete against PS4 players. It is not necessary that only console players will play with one another. PC players, Mobile players, and console players can play together in a single match. This option is not available across any other games, which makes Fortnite unique. Fortnite was able to gain around 125 million players within the first year of its launch. Moreover, this game also has won a number of awards.

The graphics of this game are not very intense; therefore, most of the devices can support this game easily. The graphics of the game are animated. The game includes no violence or bloodshed; therefore, this game is Rated E.

When the game was released, it had only two game modes, but later in 2018, the third game mode was released. Until today there are three main game modes which are as follows

– Save The World

– Player versus Player Battle Royale

– Creative

Save the world.

This game mode comprises of an attack on an island which makes 98% of the Island’s population to disappear. The remaining 2% of the population is attacked by a large number of Zombies. This game mode can be played with up to 4 friends who all have to complete a common objective. As different missions are completed, many rewards are given to the players. Additionally, those who survive the attack, their attributes are increased as the game progresses. Players cooperate with one another within this PVE format to retaliate the zombie invasions.

Battle Royale

This game mode is the reason for the popularity of the game. This battle mode comprises of up to 100 players who fight with another. The last one standing wins the round. This game mode is further split into various formats, such as Solo, Duo, Squads, ETC. Each format has various sets of rules.

Some limited-time formats are also added over time. For instance, Solid Gold mode was added to the game. This game mode had only legendary weapons; hence it gave players a lot of fun and entertainment. Similarly, more modes are added throughout.

The game begins with everyone waiting in the lobby when the battle bus arrives, carrying all the 100 players to an island.

The Island itself is very large. The battle bus flies over the Island in a straight path, and players jump from the bus on to the Island below. It is up to the players to jump wherever they want and collect weapons in order to fight with one another. There are different locations on the map. Most of the players prefer in landing towns hence the combat is initiated. Some game formats within the battle royale offers respawns but the solo , squads and duos mode offers no respawns. Moreover, As the game progresses the storm eye is formed. If a player goes into the storm he suffers from damage and ultimately he is lost in the storm if he fails to come out of it. In this way, camping can be avoided. Moreover within there are five ranks of weapons which are common, uncommon, rare , epic and legendary. The higher the rank the higher the damage will be of the weapon. Additionally, shield potions can also be found throughout the Island, which provides an additional 100 health points. Different guns are also there in the game such as Assault rifles, Sub-machine guns , Sniper rifles , shotguns, Rocket Launchers, ETC. Every player is equipped with a pickaxe which he can use to collect resources such as wood, brick and metal. The maximum amount of resources that can be collected is 999. These resources can be used to build structures which can provide high ground and allow access to different locations. Moreover, these structures also help to protect from enemy fire. If a player is unable to win the round and is defeated by some player, he can also spectate him in order to make his gameplay better. By spectating various players new tactics can be learned.

Several drops also fall during the gameplay these drops carry epic or legendary weapons which are extremely useful during the final minutes of the game. The last one standing on the Island is the winner of the game; hence there can only be one winner or one winning team depending upon the format chosen to play.


The creative mode is designed, especially for those who only wish to play with their friends. Within the creative mode, players can make their own islands and play with their own rules. This mode can also be used to practice building structures which are essential during the battle royale mode. Players can express their creativity and improve their skills within the game to perform well in the battle royale mode.

Various skins can also be unlocked within the game with the use of V-Bucks. This currency can be bought through the stores. The skins include various character costumes, customized pickaxes, and skins for different guns. Emotes can also be bought within the game. Emotes include various dance moves and taunts.

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