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App title Jio TV
Category Video Streaming
Version 5.8.3
Requires Android 4.2
File Size 11 MB
Updated 21-12-2019

Watch Live Jio TV on Phone

The Jio App converts a smartphone or tablet into a Television, and viewers can watch TV Shows live. It enables the users to take the privilege of watching their favorite channels and their programs anytime and anywhere. This application is so user-friendly that it allows the users to Play and Pause a show which is going Live and also watch shows even seven days later.

Before Jio TV, there was no other application that provided this feature of watching a TV Show live on their mobile phones. In April 2019, Reliance Jio also released its Web-Based Version known as Jio TV Live, where viewers can use the same features of the App on the big screens of their computers and Laptops. To use this web-based version of the Jio TV, users need an email id to create the accounts and a high-speed internet connection.

Jio Tv App for Android

The Jio App is available for Android devices for the user to watch their favorite TV Channels and programs through the internet. To access this App on any of the Android devices, a Jio Number or Id and Password are required. It was found that unlike Jio Cinema App, the Jio TV App is not compatible with Android TV, but recently a few APK Files have been found through which entertainment lovers can watch the Jio TV App on their Android TV Sets.

When JIO was launched, it came with completely free data pack and free voice calls, which made users an addict of the internet. Soon, Jio launched Jio Cinema and Jio TV and built a bridge between users and entertainment.

How to download and install the Jio Tv App on Laptop

Downloading Jio TV App on Laptops and PC has become easy with the help of Bluestacks Android Emulator. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on your Laptop

Step 2: Go to the Bluestacks App and set up an account through Google

Step 3: Accept all the terms of use

Step 4: Search and Download the latest version of Jio TV App through Android Emulator

Step 5: Open the Jio TV App and login with your ID and Password

Hurray!! You are ready to ride the train of entertainment on your Laptop with the Jio TV App.

Features of Jio TV app

Below are some amazing features of the Jio TV App:

– It covers all the popular TV channels watched by a major set of audience

– This App has a channel in various languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Marathi, and many more.

– It has all the latest TV Shows

– Viewers can watch up to 7 days previous episodes of their favorite TV Shows as many times as they want

– It covers entertainment channels, Music Channels, News Channels, Sports channels, Regional Channels, Business Channels, Infotainment, etc.

– The Jio App is absolutely free for all the users

– Users can Play and Pause any show Live and then resume it

– In the “Featured” tab, users can find all the popular and trending shows

– Users can also rewind a show for 30 seconds and also forward it for 30 seconds

– User can also choose the quality of the video they want depending upon their internet speed and how many MB’s they want to spend on the videos

What devices does this application support?

The Jio App supports all the devices commonly used by most people, such as Android smartphones, tablets, IOS Devices, and Android TV, Windows Laptop, and PC.

Are there any ads run while using the application?

Yes, some Ads run on the screen while using the Jio TV App. As we all know that the Jio TV App is used by more than a million people in our country, and this way, it gives a huge opportunity to various brands for targeting their audience through Ads.

What permission do you need for the Jio TV app?

Every application requires a set of permissions to work efficiently on the device. The Jio TV App requires permission to access to the following features:

– Identity

– Photos/Media/Files

– Device ID/Call Information

– Wi-Fi Connection Information

– Location

– Storage

– Phone

– Microphone

– Contacts

And, a few others like Bluetooth Pairing, Draw over other apps, create accounts and set passwords, preventing the device from the sleeping mode, expand the status bar, collapse the status bar, use accounts on the device itself, read Google service configuration, complete network access, and connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi.


The Jio TV App is one of the easiest and entertaining apps in our country. It has the TV video content that users have missed due to their day to day life. People who are working, or traveling, or have guests at home or have small kids to look after often skip their favorite TV Shows. The Jio App is specially built for them as they can watch whatever they want from the TV, and at any time anywhere, all they need is a Jio internet data pack. This App is compatible with various Android and IOS devices, which is a plus point. Although this App is restricted to Jio Users only, there are various users of Jio in India today.

And the best part is that you can watch Live Cricket Match on the Jio TV app as well as more the 600 Live TV Channels.

This makes the App one of a kind and a blockbuster!! The Jio App has received the highest recommendation by its users because of this look and feel, smoothness, and user-friendly features.

Jio TV App is a fantastic app you can watch live streaming of TV shows and explore a lot of movies. It is easier to install, use, and access.

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