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App title K-9 Mail
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Version 5.600
Requires Android 4.0.3
File Size 4.6M
Updated 07-01-2020

Email is a key component of the android operating system. Many users are using the built-in email client, but some others need more from the apps as the primary communication platform. Luckily, there are several choices with the Android operating system. One approach is to get a new email client, K-9 Mail, which is already famous among people.

K-9 Mail is an open-source Android email client with an excellent reputation for its privacy-centered approach and reliability. K-9 Email software is favored by people who worry about data misuse and someone who regularly reads and receives the emails.

People call it K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 email, k9email, k9mail or K-9

What is K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail has stated on its webpage that the goal is to be integrated into the default Android Mail app. It’s a free to download app only for androids. K-9 Mail supports several accounts like multi-folder sync, signatures, flagging, BBC-self, IMAP push email, and PGP/MIME. K-9 Mail also supports POP3, IMAP, and Exchange 2003/2007.

What K-9 Mail offers isn’t that interesting to explain if you’re not using, or trying to use, the Android default Mail app. The procedures for filing texts, making email signatures, having the mail pushed all files throughout, and clearing junk, are all accessible and improved in K-9 Mail.

Exchange functionality and IMPA are significantly improved. Files can now be saved in the SD card.

Features of K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail provides the following features.

– You can send mails from Bcc to Self.

– It allows you to sort the messages.

– All the keyboard shortcuts can be used while sending mails.

– The email signatures can be added.

– You can save the attachments to the external SD card

– K-9 Mail offers all folder synchronization.

– The performance of this app is better than other mail clients.

– K-9 Mail gives you an option of Message refilling.

– Folder Subscriptions is another amazing feature of this app.

– The trash can also be deleted or emptied.

– K-9 Mail is offering better IMAP (Internet message access protocols)

– It allows Push emails by using the IMAP IDLE.

– You can also configure the Return-address.

What’s NEW?

The new version of K-9 Mail offers the following Features:

– Developers have worked on better user experience, and the updated version offers a better encryption user-experience.

– There was a bug due to which draft messages were lost. But now they have fixed that bug and draft messages remain saved in the folder.

– The messages can also be added as an attachment. K-9 Mail allows you to attach a message along with the files.

– The display of the mail is now improved. K-9 Mail provides a better display of the text and plain messages.

– The rendering of text messages from right to left has also been improved.

– It is extremely small in size and only takes 2 MB of storage space.

Permissions Required for K-9 Mail

– Contacts

The app requires access to the contacts, and by accessing your contacts, K-9 Mail can auto-suggest the new contacts. You can add the new contacts in your list by using the app.

– Storage

Almost all the apps require access to your storage. This access is required for storing the files in your device. You can save the files and documents by giving access to the storage

– Prevent your device from Sleeping

This permission is required for the poll and push emails. K-9 Mail can prevent your mobile from sleep mode.

– Vibration Control

Most of the users keep their mobile on vibration mode.K-9 Mail can control the vibration of your device so that your device can vibrate on receiving a new email.

– Run at StartUP

Whenever you turn off your device and turn it on after some time, K-9 can instantly send you the all mails as soon as you turn your device on.

– Full Network Access

K-9 can contact the mail server through this permission because contacting the mail server is required for accessing all the mails.

– View Network Connections

When the app has access to the network connection, it can make a request if some new connection is available.

How to Download and Install K-9 Mail

– This application is available on Google Play Store.

– Download the official app from the play store, and after downloading the app, click on it for installation.

– The installation may take a few minutes.

– You will receive a notification of installation completed, and now it is the time to configure the app.

How to Configure K-9 Mail (IMAP)

– When you launch the application for the first time, a screen welcome appears. Select “Next” for starting the account creation method.

– On the screen of set up a new account, you will have to enter the user ID and password. Enter the user ID of the account you want to connect and enter the password of that particular account.

– Now you will see three options, POP3, Exchange (WebDAV), and IMAP. Select the option of IMAP as an account that you have to configure.

– On the new screen, enter the information of the incoming server.

– A new screen will appear and enter the information on the outgoing server.

– A new screen of Account options will appear. Configure the settings for your account and select “Next.” These basic settings are according to the mailbox or account you configure.

– Enter your name and give a name to your account.

– Tap on “Done” and the configuration completed.


– Is it safe to use K-9 mail?

Yes, this app is safe and secure to use.

– K-9 Mail is available on which Channel?

This app is available on several platforms. You can download it from Amazon, F-Droid, Google Play, and GitHub.


If you have been looking for an email client that focuses on privacy and security, K-9 Mail is a good option for you. It is only for the users of android and can be downloaded from the Play store.

The question arises here that after reading the amazing features are you going to download it? Let us know your answer in the comment section and also share your views if you have already been using K-9.

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