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App title Kodi app
Version 18.5
Requires Android 5.0
File Size Varies with device
Updated 06-01-2020

The Kodi App is similar to Amazon Prime or Netflix App, with the only difference that it is free. Yes, you read it right! The Kodi App allows you to stream videos for free. With the Kodi App, you can create your own customized video streaming setup. You can watch TV Shows, Movies and a lot more. The users have to provide the application with the desired content from a remote storage location such as hard drives and other media carriers. There are some third-party plugins available on the web, which may give access to entertaining media content that is available free of cost on some particular websites.

Isn’t that amazing? Although users need to bring their content on this app or download various plugins. Many people don’t know about this amazing application, so let’s grab some more information about it.

Amazing features of Kodi app

There are various amazing features of this application, and some of them are listed here:

You can create multiple profiles as per your Video choice preferences on the Kodi App

This app is accessible on Android devices, IOS devices, and Window PC

You can change the region as well as the language so that you can stream the videos with more ease

In settings, you have an option to change the background of the application as customize it for yourself

Kodi App has a screen saver for you. Amazing!!

You can also track the weather status on this app

After giving the remote access in the settings, you can use this application via the remote screen on your smartphones

You can also install Third – Party Add Ons

While using the Kodi App, if you feel sleepy, then you can use custom shutdown timer

Kodi App already fetches the movies for you as per your choices

You can watch videos live and then also record them to view those videos as many times as you want in future

You can keep yourself updated with latest entertaining stuff

Except for these, there are an infinite amazing features of this application, which have brought this application a huge success and appreciation.

 Kodi App for Pc

– There is a very simple process of installing Kodi App in your PC

First, download the latest Kodi for Windows PC through a browser to Windows Store

After the download, click on the file and install it through “Run.”

Keep clicking on “Next” and finally, “Finish.”

See, it was so simple. Now you can enjoy the Kodi App on your PC.

 Kodi App for Android

-Just like Windows, installing Kodi App on Android is also really simple.

Create your Google Account

Check the Android version on your device

Install the required version of the Kodi App through Google Play

Test the App on your Android Device

And, now the Kodi App is ready to be used on your Android devices to enjoy the amazing entertaining stuff on it.

What devices does this application support?

– Kodi App supports various devices such as:

Android Smartphones

IOS Phones

Android Tablets


Windows PC

Windows Laptop

Amazon Firestick

 Are there any ads run while using the application?

– Yes, there are Ads on Kodi App because various brands pay them to run their Ads on this platform. But there are several ways to block these Ads like downloading video and then playing it after turning off the Wi-Fi on the mobile phone.

Well! Hacks can be found for everything!

What permission do you need for Kodi App?

– Just like all the other Apps, you need various permissions for the Kodi App, such as:

Device and App History

Photos and Media Files


Read TV Channel information

Bluetooth pairing

Full Network Access

Stop the device from sleeping

Network Connections

Run and startup

 How to download and install Kodi App on the Laptop?

– Just like Windows, it is easy to download the application on Laptop. To do this, please follow the given steps:

Download the updated and latest version of the App for Windows

Install the Kodi App by clicking on it and installing it on the Laptop

Click on “Run” and keep pressing “Next.”

Finally, click on “Finish” and end the installation process

And now, the app is downloaded on your Laptop for enjoying the entertaining stuff!

Is the app virus-free?

-To date, there has been no virus found on the Kodi App. This application has an excellent rating on the Google Play Store. It is an open-source, cross-platform software media player which is used by millions of users as a great source of entertainment. After going through various reviews and blogs about this application, there is no such virus issue with Kodi, or XBMC found.

We can declare the Kodi App as a virus-free entertaining application.


This media player app has received numerous recommendations from its users worldwide. And, this application has won various awards for being the digital media hub for Home Theater Personal Computers. The graphic designer of this application has shown enormous creativity in designing the interface of this amazing application. This allows users to use the Kodi App smoothly and gives a great user experience. Due to the Graphical User Interface of the Kodi App, users can take advantage of it in their living rooms, bedrooms, while traveling in a taxi, train, bus or flight, etc.

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