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Updated 02-01-2020

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the name of the Minecraft app for mobile devices. This app is the brainchild of Aron Nieminen (a Mojang mega brain coder). He has put out a few features from the Minecraft original and placed it together to make a mini version of Minecraft for mobile devices.

This version became very popular sooner and gathered a player base of around 40 million in a year. In this article, we will talk in detail about this application.

Minecraft App Gameplay

Minecraft is a kind of Sandbox type game. Sandbox is a real practical game in which one can make different shapes and structures using sand kept in a box. The concept of Minecraft is compared to the sandbox because Minecraft also offers you the same.

In Minecraft, you can create your own structure according to the given task and complete levels. You can dig the ground and do mining work to extract resources like coal and iron in this game. You can hunt animals in the game and also eat fruit from the tree.

The concept of the game somehow resembles real life in a more animated and unreal form. You can cut down trees for timber and do agriculture. By using trees you have cut down, you can construct your house. By using coal extracted by mining, you can make a torch that will illuminate your house.

Using stones, you can construct floors of your house. You can also make a fancy roof of your house using different colored and different sized blocks of wood. This game gives you the freedom to do anything in the Minecraft world.

In the beginning, you will have to select a world out of many and rename it. That new world will be yours; you can build new infrastructures in that world. Your progress will be recorded in that world, even though you will leave the game in between.

After naming your world, you can select either of the creative or survival mode forgo playing. You can switch to either of the modes anytime without losing your progress and construction.

Creative mode is a total freedom mode. In this mode, you can gather resources as per your choice and join blocks to make any structure of your choice. This mode won’t put any restrictions or demand from the player, and you will get points as per your craft in-game, and on this basis, the winner is decided.

In survival mode, you will get tasks to complete. Unlike creative mode in this mode, you have to gather resources as per the need for tasks, and everything needed to be done in sequence to win the game.

In both, the modes day and night will happen. Zombies will come to destroy your world in the night. You will have to fight and kill them to remain in the game.

Minecraft App Control

Minecraft pocket edition has straightforward control. The game is mostly played in first person interference, but it can also be switched to third person interference.

In Minecraft, different control is used in both modes, but few basics always remain the same in both. There is a set of arrows denoting four directions, and a key in the middle is given on the left-hand side of the screen.

These four keys are used in navigating, and the key in the center is used for jumping. On the right-hand side of the screen, a button is given used to fight enemies and for digging.

For adding any block, you will have to touch on the screen only.For destroying an already existing block in creative mode, keep it touched until destroyed. In survival mode, all the above control for navigating, etc. remains the same, but for destroying any existing block, you will have first to select it and then click again.

For adding anything, you will have to touch on the screen. Before doing that, you will have to select a thing that you want to add from the toolbox, or your inventory called craft.

An icon for all the resources you have and the tools you can use is given on the center bottom of the screen. By clicking on them, you can create a tool that you need by adding resources, or you can choose out of many existing like a bed, door, etc.

Is Minecraft Free for android

Minecraft pocket edition for android is not free, and it’s available in Play Store for purchases. Yes, but a limited Minecraft trial application is available free. You can’t enjoy all the features of pocket edition on the Minecraft trial, but the gameplay is the same for a limited time.

Pros and Cons of Minecraft App

Everything has some utility, as well as flaws. In the pros and cons, we will also discuss these points of the Minecraft app.

Pros of Minecraft App

You are playing a world-famous game on mobile. Minecraft app has brought the adventure of such an exciting game in palms of mobile users, and now you can play it anywhere.

Minecraft is restrictive, hence good for children. Now Parents can have control over outer players. Only an invitation could be sent.

Nice graphics, a game consists of adventure, craft, simulator, and action all in one.

Cons of Minecraft App

You can’t communicate with players using applications on different devices. Like java, a user can’t communicate with android or windows ten users.


The game is mainly based on construction and craft using blocks. It can be played in many modes, including multiplayer mode. The game is simple, but a creative mindset is required for a player to win this game. This app is not free on the Android Play store. Only a trial version with a limited feature is available. In multiplayer mode, users can’t connect with users of other devices.

Minecraft’s android application, named Minecraft pocket edition, is a mobile version of one of the most famous games Minecraft.

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