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App title MiXplorer
Category Tools
Version 2.1
Requires Android 3.0
File Size 2.5M
Updated 06-01-2020

MiXplorer is a fine manager published by PishroDevs, a Pvt. Company. Because of its features, this file manager is rated as one of the best file explorers for android devices.Let’s know about the application in detail.

App Info

MiXplorer Silver is the application which contains all the features provided by MiXplorer.There are seven different file managing software provided by MiXplorer in free. Each app is for separate features.MiXplorer Silver combines all these features. It is a paid application, which you can download from the Play store.

The app is well-rated by users, more than 4.5 stars.

MiXplorer Features

– Archive

This application provides a feature to store and view archive files. It allows you to pack & unpack various formats of file. You can open any archive file or create a new one using the Mixplorer File manager app.


You don’t need to download any PDF viewer application once you have downloaded MiXplorer.You can also make your file using this application. This feature is helpful in official works.

– Encryption and Decryption

This feature is convenient for the security of your files. You can encrypt the files on your device so that only you can open that. You don’t need to install an app lock and then use it for the whole app. You can simply encrypt anyone chosen file. You can also decrypt received files using this feature of this app.

– Codecs

Codec feature enables you to see various kinds of media formats. It decodes the respective media file and makes it viewable for you. This feature has an application in viewing videos and images of different formats.


You can store your images at a place. This feature has a more significant role in decoding image formats like RAW, TIFF, animated web pages, gif images, etc. You can also change the format of images using this file explorer.

– Multi-Tab

The multi-tab feature helps you in doing multitasking. This feature makes MiXplorer best from the rest average media file explorer. This feature makes this file explorer compatible with office uses.

– File Sorting

You can short all the files available in your device, as per their name, size date, anything. This feature helps one in finding any file. However, for finding any file, a search option is provided in this application.

– Meta Data

You can add metadata in files using MiExplorer.Metadata helps in finding data easily. It will give you a description of the content inside that file. You won’t have any file for seeing what’s inside it.


SMB is a feature that allows you to open a file on another server. Within a shared network, you can operate any file after authentication. This feature will help you in transferring files and receiving files from another device.

– Tagger

Tagger feature allows you to tag each file in your device with any note or word. While searching for a file, you will just have to search for that tag, and a file will arrive.

– Root Access

You can Root your phone by using any rooting app stored in your device. You can open that rooting software in MiXplorer and root your phone.

– OTG Detector

This feature will detect whether any OTG cable is connected to your phone. It will notify you as soon as it since it. It will only let the allowed document transferred through OTG.

– Ad-free

MiXplorer is full ad-free, so random ads won’t be able to bother you while you are finishing your important tasks.

Download MiExplorer on Android Device

MiExplorer file explorer can be easily searched on the Play store. As you will search for them on the play store, you will get many results for that name.MiExplorer provides separate applications for many of its features. Which is called addon, you can download that addon application for free.

But downloading different applications for different purposes is not a good idea.MiXplorer Silver is an application that combines all the features of MiXplorer in a single application.

MiXplorer Silver is not free; you will have to pay money for this application. Looking at their features, that charge looks nothing.

You can download this paid application from the play store or directly from the official page of that site. After downloading, you will have to install .apk file on your device, in case of play store it will be automatically installed.

The file is comparatively low in size 7.4Mb, so that it won’t occupy much space of your device. Another good thing about this application is ad-free.

Other Interesting Features

– You can change the theme of this application. Background color and layouts can be easily changed.

– This application enables you to view media; you can play songs and videos using this application only.

– You can see all your cloud storage in one place. Files will be automatically sorted as per their type.

– HTML viewer

– Text Editing

FAQs about MiXplorer

– Is MiXplorer available in free?

MiXplorer silver is not free, which contains all the features of MiXplorer.MiXplorer beta is for free.MiXplorer beta has so many parts that you need to download. In Silver, you will get each altogether.

– Is MiXplorer is best file manager for android devices?

MiXplorer has so many good features, which makes it the best file manager for android. Most of the features have been discussed in the above article.

– What are the alternatives for MiXplorer?

No one can completely replace MiXplorer in terms of features, but apps that can do similar file managing tasks are..ES file explorer, Solid explorer, Astro File Manager, etc.

– What are the Pros and Cons of MiXplorer

MiXplorer has various features; it is simple to use, reliable, and ad-free.It doesn’t have any mentionable cons; it depends on user experience.


Mixplorer is one of the best file explorers for android. Its silver version can be downloaded from the play store. This file manager enables us to do multitasking, text editing, Html viewing, media viewing, coding-decoding, and many other tasks.

This application has a very friendly user interface and can be changed as per need. It’s well-rated by a large number of users.

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