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App title Mobdro
Category Video Streaming
Version 2.1.60
Requires Android 4.1
File Size 17.5 MB
Updated 20-12-2019


Nowadays people use live streaming to entertain themselves anywhere weather they are waiting for someone, bus stations and airports. There are many other applications for live streaming, Netflix is the best example. Mobdro is an application which search the internet for free streams.

Time is taken by the application to create a stream in categories. On Mobdro application you can easily finds the channel that suits you. The application of Mobdro is not available at any app store or play store.

The Mobdro app can only be downloaded by this site. From the website of Mobdro download the APK file. Now open file manager on your android device and then find Mobdro APK file. After that install the file then you can access Mobdro application on your android device.

Millions of users are using Mobdro application to watch movies, TV shows, and Sports. The best thing about Mobdro application is that it is free to use. You can watch any movie, TV shows, or news for free but with advertisements.

How to Remove Adds from Mobdro?

To remove the Ads from the application you need to buy a premium version of Mobdro application. The whole difficult process is to install the Mobdro application because it is not on normal play store but after that you can watch tons of Television and many more things for free.

You just need to open the app and select start streaming for the entertainment you like without any effort. In Mobdro premium version the user will experience complete ads free watching. You can apply for premium version from normal application. In the setting menu there will be an option of premium version.

The paid version of this application comes with more features such as offline downloads, Ads free and many more.

How to download and install the Mobdro app?

First of all, you have to download the application from the Mobdro website. Then you have to enter the setting of you device. There will be an option of unknown sources. Tab to enable it. After enabling that search for the downloaded application of Mobdro. The APK file of the Mobdro will be in the downloads folder. Click on the application to install it. It will take some time and after that the application will be installed. Now you can easily access free live streaming.

Uses of Mobdro Application

One of the best things about this application that make it unique from other application is that it is free to use and easy to use. It has a well designed interface, everything is just a click away. All the channels are camped together in categories. When the category is selected by you all the similar channels are viewed by the application.

The application is legal to use because there are many other applications for free live streaming. The application just picks up channel for you and place them in sequence. Permission is only concern in today’s application. We are being watched by huge companies. They monitor our online traffic.

Security are being increases day by day. There are many errors which people suffer. It parse error came then it saying that your android version is not compatible to use Mobdro application.

To use Mobdro application we need minimum Android version 4,0. If stream run slow or buffer then check your internet connection if it is OK then Mobdro cannot do anything because the channels are streaming from their organizations.

If you find a stream yesterday and now it is gone then the Mobdro application provided an indexation tool if the channel still streaming then it will come. To take the best from Mobdro

application please keep it up to date. Mobdro is only compatible for chromecast and android devices not for IOS devices. Some videos on Mobdro are only available in specific region.

You can use vpn to solve the problem by changing the IP of your server. Contacts and other personal data can not be accessed by this application. The application of Mobdro also checks for software update if the application is up to date then no error will come. There is also a share button you can share the link of stream to other Mobdro user


The Mobdro application is a great tool for watching movies, TV shows, news, and Sports. People need these type of application for their entertainment. The users are enjoying watch shows. It is a fantastic application to have on your phone if you get bored. With easy interface you can watch movies, and shows in no time. The great feature of this app is that it is free to use.

There is no monthly charges to use this application. It gives you joy with no money. People with nothing to do can enjoy using this application all the time. To use app more comfortably you have to buy premium version of this application with extra features.

You can download the stream to watch them offline. If you are busy, the favourite channel of your is streaming but you cannot watch it right now you can simply download it and watch after work is done without buffer our anything. You can download the stream by simply tapping on the download button.

If you hate advertisements then do not spend a second to buy premium version of this application with more benefits. In the end, the application is very useful for the people with nothing to do and are attacked by boredom live streaming can be done on Mobdro application freely. The best feature which Mobdro is offering that it is much too easily to use and also you can download your favourite stream. If you are a Ads lover then the normal application is the best choice.

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