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App title MovieBox
Category Video Streaming
Version 6.0
Requires Android 4.1
File Size 27.6 MB
Updated 20-12-2019

Are you always searching the internet for a free TV show and movie app? MovieBox is an Android APK file used for streaming all the content of entertainment. MovieBox is what some people would consider a digital streaming system. Many different terms define a digital streaming platform, but the purpose is still the same.

Audio-Visual Content (TV show /Film/ short video clip) is produced and organized by a group or individual. They send this data to a service that can air/ stream their created content. Now, this content is further sent to a service like Youtube or Netflix, and they finally upload it to their servers. It is then distributed to the customers of that specific service through a portal (computer / DVR/ app). After this, you can view the content through these portals on your devices.

Download MovieBox for your Mobile

MovieBox has been one of the most popular mobile apps for entertainment. MovieBox app provides many High definition movies, Television shows, news, videos, and teasers for watching online and free download. You can add this app to your device for free. This app is available online and offline for your Androids, iPad, and ios devices.

There are a number of ways to access and install this application for your iPad and iPhone. The users of Safari can download this app online, and the other users can use pc for downloading the MovieBox IPA file. The android users can use APK version of this application to download on mobile phones, and they can also use PC for downloading this app.

What are the Features of MovieBox


Many platforms offer service charges for their applications, but MovieBox is entirely free. You don’t have to pay for subscription fees; it’s 100% Free.

1. Ad-free:

This is one of the best features of MovieBox. You don’t have to pay for downloading this app, and there will be no ads right from the start. In other applications, you have to buy premium services for removing the ads, but MovieBox is entirely ad-free.

2. Download offline

You can download your favorite content for offline use. You don’t have to waste data for downloading a movie. Use the feature of offline use and enjoy your favorite content during the long flights and traveling from public transport.

3. Notification

This application keeps sending you the notifications of the new content. These notifications keep you updated on your favorite new content, and you cannot miss any program or film.

4. Discover

Discover thousands of new programs and movies according to different categories. You can also explore the latest trailers and news related to the original content.

5. Filter

The filter option gives you easy access to your favorite content by sorting according to Rating, Year of release, and IMBD. You can also select the category of Adventures, Action, Animation, Documentary, Drama, and Comedy.

Other Features of MovieBox

– Provides Fast download speed

– Supports Torrent Download

– You can select the quality of video for downloading and streaming.

– The new updates provide you the latest content.

– It is a multiplatform application and supports (Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, Mac)

User-friendly provides you a simple user interface.


The MovieBox application is no longer available. It has been shut down officially. But the good news is that there is a new version of MovieBox, which is named MovieBox PRO. You can download this version for free, and it has the same features.

How to install MovieBox APK for the Android device

  1. Go to the official website of MovieBox and select Direct Download Link. The downloading may take a few minutes.
  2. After the completion, open the apk file for installation.
  3. Select “Install.” Go the settings of your device and “Activate the unknown resources” so that installation may take place.
  4. After the installation, the icon of MovieBox PRO will be shown on your Home screen.

Beginners Guide for MovieBox

It just takes a few clicks, and you can discover thousands of films. If you haven’t used this kind of application before, follow the given steps.

– Open the app of MovieBox from your device.

– First of all, look for the newly available updates and always use the updated version.

– In the main screen of the app, you will see Trailers, Top TV shows, and Top Movies.

– There will be a three-line option, click on it, and Go to Menu. Choose from Trailers, Trending, News, Favorite, – New release, and Settings.

– Pick any video from the options and select Watch Now or Download.

Now select the quality of the video, and your selected video will start playing.

What are the Best Alternatives of MovieBox?

The following apps are some alternatives to MovieBox, and they are also safe to use.

– Netflix

– Globo Play

– Hulu

– Viewster

– Kodi

– Tubi TV

– Sling


1. Why is MovieBox not on the App store?

This application is not available on the Google Play Store because it is a third-party app, and when you install some applications from third-party sources, it requires some changes in the settings of your mobile phone. You will have to enable the unknown resources on your mobile device.

2. Which Movies are available?

MovieBox gives you free access to all the categories including, Adventure, Action, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Christmas, and Crime. You can also find Drama, Documentary, History, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Romance.

3. Can I watch my Favorite TV shows?

Yes, you can watch all the seasons of your favorite TV shows.

4. Does it give access to HD movies?

Yes, you can watch High definition movies in 1080p or 720p.

Final Verdict

The latest version of MovieBox PRO works excellent. A few of the films might have had their operating server connections offline occasionally, and that will affect the user experience. Most of the time, you find the entire content, and it works great. This app provides you thousands of movies for free due to which Millions of users are using this application.

Download here

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