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MX Player Pro

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App title MX Player Pro
Version 1.15.9
Requires Android 4.7
File Size 19M
Updated 06-01-2020

MX Player Pro is the paid version of the MX player, which is a popular android video playing application. Compared to its unpaid version or in general, it has lots of features. In this article, we will discuss every aspect of the app.
MX player android application general info

This application is presented by MX media and Entertainment. Application is a 4.6 star rated on google play. App has more than one million downloads. This app has an age restriction of a minimum 3yrs. This app is not free so you will have to pay money for installing this application.

Features of MX player pro

MX player is considered one of the best android mobile video’s players. Let’s check the features of this app.


When you install apps or even visit on any site, popping ads from everywhere annoys the users. But these ads are a source of income for these apps and websites. In the paid version of this app, you won’t have to suffer from this problem. No ad will jump from the top in between; you are watching your favorite movie or series.

Many videos formats

Using MX Player Pro, you can play many formats. It offers you almost all types of video and audio formats generally used.


Now you don’t need to download additional files of subtitles. This player has a feature to search and download the caption of the video you are playing. It can download subtitles in any language.


This application can be viewed in almost every popular language of the world. You will have to set the language of your choice in the beginning.

Online Video Play

You can play video online by searching for a URL only using this player. For playing videos of MX player on YouTube, you will have to do some additional setting so it’s better to play it on YouTube only.

Subtitle Format

You can play several subtitles formats using this application. You can also change and adjust the subtitles.

HW & SW decoders

HW stands for hardware, and SW stands for software.MX player can decode both SW and HW. Using this will accelerate hardware performance, and it will enhance video playing ability for different formats.

Video Speed control

In MX Player Pro, you can set the speed at which you want to play any video. You can slow some scenes which you want to see thoroughly. This feature improves the video playing experience of a user.

Resume play

In MX Player, when you will leave any video incomplete, it will start from the same duration when you start watching again. The video player will ask you to resume or start over.

 File Sharing

Now you can also share videos offline on another device without the internet. Another device must have an MX player for this.

Controls of MX player pro

General Controls

For controlling sound, you will have to slide your finger up-down on the right side of the screen. For controlling the brightness, you will have to slide your fingers on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can zoom any video by merely expanding by your finger. When you have to reduce the size of the video, you will have to do the opposite.

For forwarding or backward video, you will have to press on respective sides simply.

Advanced Controls

You can sort your playlist by either name, date, or size. You can also make your watchlist.

You can control the background color of the player as well as it’s layout.

You can control the speed of video playing. You can play it in a fast tempo or in slow motion. This control will help you in video analysis.

You can control the size and position of the subtitles on the screen, and also you can forward subtitles by simply scrolling over it.

You can also control the sleep time of your device using MX player. The sleep time of the invention is set per the battery is required.

Child Control

The special control is presented by MX player pro. This control will prevent your child from opening something else while watching the video. Once the lock is enabled, only random pictures will appear when your child will touch the screen. You can open it by clicking on all four corners clockwise.

Download & Install MX Player Pro for Android

You can download and install an MX player on any android device using Play Store.

Go on the play store and search for it.

MX player pro is a paid version, so you will have to pay before downloading this. You can also download this application from the homepage of the official site for this app.

If you are facing problems related to payment through google play, you can purchase it from the owner directly.

After downloading the app, you will have to install it on your device, so install it.

After installing this app will ask for following permissions: –

Draw over another app

Pair with Bluetooth devices

Disable screen lock

Control vibration prevents the device from sleeping permission.

These permissions are required by the app to enable all their features on your device.

FAQs About MX Player Pro

Is MX player pro free?

MX player pro is not free, and it is a paid version of the MX player. MX player is free, but MX player pro is not.

Which format is not supported by MX player

MX player supports most of the formats, but in some formats, you will feel trouble hearing audio. Forex: -DTS, DTS HD,AC3, EAC3 and MLP formats.

What is the difference between MX player and MX player pro?

MX player is a paid version with no ads and more features than the MX player.


MX player pro is the best player for android. It plays approx. all the formats without any problems. You can control the size, position, brightness of the video being played in MX player by merely using the movement of your fingers.

This application can be downloaded from the play store after paying its charge.

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