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App title Play Store
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Version 17.9.17
Requires Android 4.1
File Size 20 MB
Updated 21-12-2019

What is the Google Play Store App?

The Playstore App is an application that is pre-installed in every Android certified device. The Play Store App is created by Google, which is the most influential multinational company which specializes in providing services and products related to the internet. Google is something that needs no introduction, so let’s get back to the Google Play Store App. This application helps the user to access everything available on it, such as numerous apps, entertaining stuff, books, magazines, TV Programs, and Movies too.

China is the only country that does not have devices using Google Play Store. Instead, they have their alternative for that. Else everywhere, Google rules the world.

Features of Play Store App download

The Google Play Store App has various features that might be unknown to people, here below are a few exciting ones:

Cutting Edge Applications accompanied by Beta Communities:

The app betas in the Google Play Store are one of the best-hidden features it has. At times, the developers of an application choose to put a rollout of an application for the users to explore and experiment with new features of the app. This feature is not listed anywhere on the Play Store, but people can easily find it on various news, blogs, and articles. Users can be a part of this Beta program by following some easy steps available on Google and enjoy this feature.

Keep track of New Movies, Books, and Apps:

As we know, Play Store is not only for downloading and installing applications but also to buy eBooks, Movies, Music, and some paid apps. And it also has a Wishlist feature on each page. While scrolling, if the user comes across anything exciting app, then they can easily mark in on the Wishlist by taping on the icon.

The Play Store allows the user to find the most Trustworthy App.

On the Play Store, users can enquire about the desired application by visiting the reviews section of the application and also its ratings. The apps of Play Store the distinguished with the help of their ratings and how much people have liked or disliked them. This feature is helpful for the user and developers both.

Parental Controls

Today, parental controls are very important so that the user can keep their kids away from explicit and inappropriate content. It is believed that there is an age to learn everything, and kids should be exposed to different types of content at different ages. This is the reason why the Play Store has a Parental Control system in the setting where the user can switch it on before giving their Android devices to their little ones. They can also filter the appropriate TV Shows, Movies, Books, and Apps from a bulk of explicit content.

Auto Update Feature

Users can go to the setting and switch on these features so that every time they are connected with WIFI, and a new update comes for any of the pre-installed applications, then the device will automatically start updating the app.

How to download and install the Play Store on Android devices?

Most of the Android devices come with a pre-installed Play Store App and if it is not their then user can follow the steps below:

1. Go to in internet browser on your device and find the version of the Play Store which you want

2. Download the Google Play Store APK file at website

3. Correct mark the security conditions

4. At times, the Android devices may tell that the device does not have permission to install an APK

5. Go to the “Settings” and mark a tick to the box which says install APK from outside sources

6. Return back and install the application

7. After downloading the APK File, go to the file manager and install the APK file

This way, the Play Store will be installed on your Android device.

How to download and install the play store for windows PC?

To download Google Play Store in the PC, users will have to take help from the Bluestacks App Player. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Go the browser and download Bluestacks Player App

  • Open the App
  • Go to the “Google Play Store” option at the top of the screen
  • Download the Apps and Games in which you are interested

  • Customize the controls and use them accordingly.

Here is the way how users can use the Google Play Store on their PC. Except for Bluestacks, there are several other Android emulators such as KoPlayer, Bliss, YouWave, MEmu, ARChon, etc.

What do you find on the Play Store App?

There are several Android applications on the Play Store App which can be operated in any of the Android Devices. It has popular apps, Government Apps and Citizen Services Apps, Editor’s Choice Apps, Lite Apps to save space, a list of the best apps of 2019, most popular games of the previous year, recently updated applications, Movies, Music, Books and a lot of useful and entraining stuff to keep you away from boredom.

What devices does this application support?

The Play Store App is compatible with Google home devices. It supports PC and Android devices. It can be considered as Google’s Official Store for Android apps, games, and various entertaining stuff. Just the way Apple has the Apple Store, the same way Google Play Store.

Are there any ads run while using the application?

Yes, there are Ads on Google Play Store, but unlike other apps on Play Store, the Ads appear when the user is searching for a similar application on the search box. The Ad appears at the start of the list and popularly known as Google Play Search Ads.


There are several applications available on the Google Play Store that are free of cost, and some are paid apps. These apps can be downloaded directly from the Play Store and can be used on Android Devices like Smart Phones, Tablets, and PC. Play Store has more than 92 billion app downloads as off 2018 approximately, and the count is still on. Users can watch various exciting stuff on these applications and apps on it as free of virus and secure to use.

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