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Updated 07-01-2020

Music does not have a language, which is why you’re going to find yourself dancing to the songs of other regions or trends. The lyrics of the songs are mostly available on the CD cover, but these days most of the media is searched through mobile phones and computers, and their music players do not support lyrics. But thanks to the android app QuickLyric, which identifies your songs instantly and provides you the lyrics of the playing song.

This is a special application that does not play music, but QuickLyric supports almost all the music players. The app shows the lyrics whenever you play the track on your device. It is fast, and right after installation on your device, it searches your music library.

There are some restrictions for the songs as it doesn’t support all the available songs. It does not play obscure and mysterious songs. Usually, the app supports songs as long as they are available in music applications.

The best thing about QuickLyric is that whenever a new song starts, you don’t have to open QuickLyric for the new lyrics. As soon as it detects the new song, this application will search for the lyrics of that song and then sends you a notification of lyrics available for the current song.

QuickLyric downloads and shows you the lyrics of current songs by default, but the lyrics of songs can also be searched manually. Just tap a button, and it shows lots of lyrics available for songs categorized by the album, artist, or song.


– QuickLyric fulfills the expectations without any doubt. This detects lyrics quickly and instantly stores them in the application without disturbing the users. This is a simple application that any music fan would undoubtedly appreciate.

– Downloading the lyrics takes no effort at all, and there are no problems with the quality of the lyrics they offer. The application also gives information about the track, such as the singer and the writer.

– Lyrics can also be downloaded on your device for offline usage.

– Search for the lyrics, and the URL of songs can also be shared with other users.

– QuickLyric supports over 15 languages, including Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, German, Turkish, Polish, Russian, and English.

– QuickLyric also offers the Karaoke experience in which the system plays tunes of your song, and you can sing the words according to the music.

– It shows a notification on your device and gives you easy access to the lyrics instantly.

Supported Music Players

QuickLyric supports the following music players

– YouTube

– Apple Music

– PowerAmp

– Google Play Music

– Spotify

– Napster


– BlackPlayer

– Phonograph

– PlayerPro

– GoneMad

Permissions Required

– Full Network Access 

Full network access allows QuickLyric to build sockets and use custom network protocols. Apps and browsers need full network access for sharing data through the internet, but QuickLyric does not need this permission for sending data to the internet.

– Network Connections

QuickLyric views the data of network connections like connected networks and all the available networks.

– Control NFC (Near Field Communication)

This permission allows QuickLyric to communicate the NFC tags, readers, and cards.

– Contents of the shared storage

The app has to read the content of shared storage, and it is essential to give permission to the shared storage.

– Modify the content

This permission allows QuickLyric to modify, delete, and edit the content of shared storage.

Pros and Cons of QuickLyric


– Easy and simple to use

– Gives offline access to the saved lyrics

– Saves the lyrics automatically

– All the MP3 files are supported


– Does not support all the songs

– Additional plugins are required for some languages

– Internet connection is required for the new songs

– Notification of QuickLyric doesn’t work sometimes.

Additional Settings

QuickLyric is not available on Google Play Store, but it can be downloaded from some websites and third-party app stores for free, but a version of this app is available on Play Store named QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics.

You don’t have to download certain music players for this app because it supports all the major music players.

– Go to the settings and make QuickLyric a default lyric app. Enable the additional sources for Bollywood, rock, regional music, and other options.

– Now enable the option of automatically saving the lyrics, so you don’t have to download the lyrics of a song again and again.

– Select the option for refreshing the lyrics automatically for a new song. If a song changes, this option will automatically add the lyrics of the current song.

How to Install QuickLyric

– This app can be downloaded from Play Store and some other websites. Both versions are almost the same.

– Open the browser of your device and download the file from a secure website.

– After completing the download, open the file from the file manager.

– Tap on install and installation will start. The installation may take a few minutes.

– After the installation, open the app and enjoy the features.


– Can I integrate QuickLyric into a music player?

Yes, it can be integrated. A button of “show lyrics in QuickLyric” can be added to the app.

– Is QuickLyric free to download?

Yes, QuickLyric is free to download. This app is also available on the Google Play Store.

– Is QuickLyric safe to Download?

Yes, it is completely safe to download, but it needs permission to access the content on your storage.


QuickLyric is indeed the best application for playing songs with lyrics without an active internet connection. It is completely free and open sources android app. You just have to install this app, and it will automatically provide you the lyrics of your favorite songs.

If you have some concerns and questions about QuickLyric, feel free to ask in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you.

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