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App title Stremio
Version 1.2.21
Requires Android 5.0
File Size Varies with device
Updated 06-01-2020

We can also stream from services such as iTunes, HBO, YouTube, and Netflix. We can also use Stremio as a mobile application so people can enjoy watching TV or many more at any place. The Stremio application is offered Stremio itself. It requires an average phone to run. If you need to run stremio application on android you need android version over 5.0 Lollipop. Favorite shows can be search easily on this application. Stremio application is developed by [email protected] It also help people for those people who want to entertain them anywhere. Nowadays people use live streaming to entertain themselves anywhere weather they are at the bus stop, airport, and working station. Free stream can be find on Stremio application. Stremio takes time for creating stream in categories. Streamio has many key differences that takes it on a different level from Kodi. It has a much better interface. User easily finds live streaming from this application. It offer much great feature from other live streaming software. We cannot install stremio addons. This means that we cannot modify or develop the malicious code on stremio application. Stremio application also have notification setting which give a notification when the next episode came which series you are watching.

How to install Stremio

To install Stremio there are just a few steps. To install it on android, simply go to the play store and search for stremio application. Open and it and install it on your device. Same these steps are used to install it on the iPhone or IOS Based device. Open app store find stremio application install it on your device. Stremio is a region based software. It cannot install on any other region to install it on other region just use VPN. VPN is a software that change you internet IP address. You can use VPN to install Stremio on your device. There are many applications of VPN. To install Stremio for PC, just go to the official site of Stemio and then open download tab. After opening downloads tab click on download button. The site will automatically start download. After installing Stremio on your devices you need to sign in to Stremio. You need an account to sign in. You can log in with Facebook account or Google account. You can log in to Stremio by guest account by clicking on login, then guest account but in guest account you cannot use much options.

Watching movies

On Stremio main screen you will find categories to watch. There are many categories. You can watch movies, Live streaming and many more. You cannot watch all movies on Stremio. You can watch those movies which are available for Stremio application. When you click on the movie the details of the movie open and you can see whether the movie is available or not. There is a discover tab on the application which helps you to find what you need to watch. When you click on free menu list of movies open. You can watch them without any payment.


How to use stremio Remotely

To use Stremio application remotely it is necessary that you phone is connected to the same network on which computer using Stemio application. Then go to the gear option listed in Stremio application. There is QR code which is scanned by you phone to connect remotely with Stremio application. Without opening it on your Phone or tablet.

Stremio Calendar

In Stremio application there is a built in Calendar. Ongoing TV shows can be tracked by the calendar. It is a very useful feature in Stremio application. In what show you are interested in you have to tell it to Stremio calendar. You can simply import it to calendar by allowing Stremio to find what you Liked on Facebook. Users also use calendar to find when the next episode came what they are watching. It you want to use calendar remotely you have to click on gear option. And then subscribe to calender. This will sync your setting with mobile.

Uses of Stremio application

Stremio application has a well designed interface, everything is just a click away. All the channels are camped together in categories. When the category is selected all the similar channel are shown by the application. The application is legal to use. There are many other applications for live streaming but permission is only concern. The application shows many errors. The big error in this application is that it is not available for all regions. The parse error also occur it shows that the application is not compatible for this android version. The application needs a stable internet connection. It the movie run slow or buffer’s check your internet connection. There is also a discover option which helps you to find in which you are interested. You can also use Stremio with your Chrome cast devices. This application also gives you security. It cannot access your contacts or other personal data which is saved on your device. You can also check software update. To get the best from the device you need to keep it up to date.


Stremio offer us best experiences in comparison to other live streaming applications. Stremio cannot be install on Amazon Firestick. Stremio is a great tool for watching movies. People need these type of application to entertain themselves. It is a fantastic application to have on you phone or Windows PC. With it’s easy interface you can watch movies in no time. People with nothing to do enjoy using this application all the time. It is too much easy to use. You can use it remotely with your phone. If you are busy you cannot use your PC you will get a notification for the next episode which series you are watching. It has also a library tool in which you can save what you are watching. It is the best application for streaming.

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