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Torrent Search Engine

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App title Torrent Search Engine
Category Tools
Version 7.0.6
Requires Android 4.1
File Size 2.5M
Updated 06-01-2020

This Torrent Search Engine is optimized for most of the android devices.The current version of the Torrent Search Engine is 7.0.6. The size of the file itself is 2.5MB; therefore, it does not require enough space. This Torrent Search Engine was updated recently on October 28 this year.

This Torrent Search Engine can be coupled with another torrent downloading platform. The downloading files can directly be installed on the phone. There are many types of Torrent Search Engines that can be downloaded from the torrent search engine. Some of them are paid Torrent Search Engines from the Playstore, various software, and even movies.

The unique thing about these torrents is that users do not need to pay for the Torrent Search Engines. Additionally, Some mods are also available for some games, and they can be accessed using Torrent Search Engine. For example, one of the most famous games Subway Surfers. This game includes lots of in-app purchases and characters.

All of them can be accessed absolutely for free by using a mod that is available Torrent Search Engine. To download torrents within the device, Torrent Search Engines like Utorrent or BitTorrent are necessary.


The features of the torrent search engine are that movies, music albums, software, etc. can be downloaded directly using the internet. Torrents for many famous movies such as Avengers, Joker, etc. can be downloaded from the Torrent Search Engine. In this way, users do not need to purchase any movies or song albums, and thus their money is saved.

Moreover, there is certain software such as anti-viruses, which are paid software mostly. The torrents for such software can be downloaded directly from the Torrent Search Engine. These can be later used within the Utorrent or BitTorrent Torrent Search Engine. There are many unique features provided by the Torrent Search engine.

Firstly, users can check for torrents upon their will. There is a section where users can filter their search by their respective providers. In this way, the trusty providers can be promoted, whereas fraudulent providers shall remain in the background. Moreover, torrents from around the world can be accessed using the search engine.

All the available torrents can be searched using this search engine. Additionally, user reviews are also available regarding a particular. The reviews can be used to know whether the torrent file works fine or not. Hence, time is saved using this method. The Torrent Search Engines can be downloaded directly into the mobile device.

The torrent client Torrent Search Engine is extremely necessary to do it. The sizes of torrent files are itself very small, but they carry data which can download data more than 1GB. The torrent clients Torrent Search Engines are available absolutely for free and hence can be downloaded from the play store as well. Moreover, the Torrent Search Engines have a feature that adds a smart search option.

This smart search greatly helps users when they use the torrent search engine again. It basically suggests similar and trending torrents for the users. Torrents can be filtered based upon the category they lie in. Movies, seasons, cartoons, and various other videos can be downloaded within this way.

Links to different torrents can also be forwarded to other platforms such as Mac or Windows. These links can be used to download similar videos and stuff across other platforms. A voice search feature is also available, which can be used to search torrents by speaking out their names.

This feature was released in the newer version of this Torrent Search Engine. Within the options, torrents without seeders can be filtered out. These filters can be used to eradicate faulty torrents completely.

Torrents can be sorted via different options such as seeders, peers, leechers, and file sizes. Torrents are basically the most trending things these days. The torrent search engine can be used as a charm as it can come handy in almost every second. The torrents within the app belong to almost every category. Even games can be downloaded using the torrent search engine.

Games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and other games can be downloaded directly using a torrent search engine. Moreover, these torrents do not contain any malware whatsoever. These are completely safe to use, and this app is user-friendly. If the torrents fail to download directly from the Torrent Search Engine, links can also be copied and used directly within the torrent clients. Hence, in every aspect, no such links can be lost using the torrent engine.

Pros of Using Torrent Search Engine

The positive aspects of this Torrent Search Engine are much more. The torrents are available for a lot of categories. Almost torrents for every Torrent Search Engine are available on the platform. Most of the torrent search engines require VPNs to work, whereas this Torrent Search Engine requires no VPN to work. This Torrent Search Engine itself does not violate the Google terms of services; therefore, it is available on the play store as well.

Another fact about this Torrent Search Engine is that it is available across all Android powered devices. This Torrent Search Engine does not cause any harm to the device. This Torrent Search Engine has no influence on the RAM of the devices; therefore, devices do not slow down with the use of this Torrent Search Engine.

Cons of Using Torrent Search Engine

There are a few demerits of this app, which includes that it is not available across iOS devices and consoles. Therefore this application cannot be used as an alternative within those devices. Additionally, the features of this torrent search engines are a lot, but there are lots of ads within the application. Therefore it can be a little frustrating for the users.


Overall, the application is great for android users. The application is not so popular within the google play store, but sooner or later, this application will be among the most downloaded applications.

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