Truck Driver City Crush

Truck Driver City Crush

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App title Truck Driver City Crush
Category Action
Version 2.9.4
Requires Android 4.1
File Size 85M
Updated 18-05-2020

A Smoking Analysis of Truck Driver City Crush

Don’t get confused with the game name. If you have played and liked games such as GTA, then you must also download Truck Driver City Crush for Android.

The gameplay is totally designed to satisfy your badass needs. Roam around in the sin city, and start earning money from your dirty abilities.

If you love 3D graphics, you will love this game too, because it’s all about 3D graphics, but not in high quality.

Many low-end phones are capable of running this game, but if you face any issues, it’s better to switch to a better hardware configuration.

Gangster-style gameplay

You are the new guy in the sin city, where every man is for himself. Since your main aim here in this game is to earn a hefty amount of money in less time, you will need to go to any level to take shortcuts.

Use your abilities and convert them into cash. For this, take on missions given to you just like in GTA. Initially, being a nobody will be a huge pain, but with success comes money, and with money comes respect.

Become the dude of the town. Don’t get busted or else you’ll fall back in your progress.

More stuff to spice up

Apart from the main storyline, here are some tasks you would be doing out of the endless list, which cannot be confined in a book.

  • Do violence in the middle of the street during the day or night. Shoot down people with your weapons just for fun, or shoot random stuff that you can find.
  • Find secret chests hidden at different places in the town.
  • Find missions and tasks on your map. Upgrade your guy to be the best gangster.
  • Ride several types of vehicles designed in the game to best match your need.
  • Fight and protect your area against other gangs.
  • Explore ships standing at the bay, become you never know what special secret awaits you there.

And the list goes on!

Average quality 3D graphics with satisfactory visuals

Although the game is in 3D format, but that doesn’t mean that it will be amazing. All the graphics are of average quality, and many users might even lose interest after a while.

The color tone is fine and bright most of the time. There are some issues with the animations, which will cause trouble in controlling your character efficiently.

You might even encounter some graphics related glitches such as content overlapping on each other.

MOD APK Features

Truck Driver City Crush MOD APK free download has the following important features too.

  • Available for free
  • Contains advertisements
  • Offers in-game purchases
  • Regular updates for bug fixes, performance and visuals improvement
  • Low download size
  • Rated for ages 16+ due to strong violence


Looking to become the next in-game gangster? Download Truck Driver City Crush MOD APK latest version and don’t fall for the irrelevant game name. Download now!

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