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App title Viper4Androi
Category Tools
Requires Android 4.4
File Size 7.0M
Updated 07-01-2020

These complaints of the users can be eradicated by the use of an application named as Viper4android. This application can be used to improve the sound quality of the android devices. This application offers a smooth sound quality for all the Android powered devices. This application is developed by XDA developers.


This application is not available across google play store or any other platform on Android powered devices. Such features can totally change the outlook of the devices; therefore, it can even not be downloaded via any other source on the website.

Therefore this application can only be accessed when the devices are rooted. This application is available for all the devices that have android version 2.7 or higher. This application covers a large number of benefits. The equalizer provided by this application is extremely pleasing for the Ears.

These equalizers are not available for any of the devices within the world. The settings provided by this application are unique. This application is although available on higher versions of android, but still, it is necessary to root the device in order to avail of the full features of the application. The sound equalizer provided by this application is completely free of errors. The sound quality of the Dolby digital is enhanced with the use of this application.


The features provided by the application are extremely amazing in every aspect. There is a master power available for every category that the phone supports. This can be used to enhance the audio output across the various outputs, which include speakers of the phone, the headphones that can be connected to the phone, The USB/Dock, and the Bluetooth.

All of the audio outputs can be enhanced to the maximum with the use of this application. The best part is that all of these can be toggled with a simple swipe across the screen of the Android-powered devices. If the sound input is not able to meet the audio standards required, the instructions provided by Viper4android can be followed.

These instructions lead to the most appealing and ultrasound quality ever provided as an output. A neutral audio response can also be equipped using this viper4android within the regular headphones. This feature can be used when viper-DDC is equipped.

The audio spectrum can also be extended using this application; hence the audio signals within this application are corrected much better than any other application available across the internet. The best part is that it is capable of working against higher frequencies promptly.

There is another feature within the application that goes by the name FIREqualizers. This feature is absolutely unique in every sense. This helps the application generate the most majestic sounds that please the ears in every domain of the sound. These domains include bass, treble, etc. The FIREqualiser, when equipped, provides much better options for the equalizer. These equalizers can also be customized according to the users’ preferences. Hence, bass can be boosted, reduced as users like.

Furthermore, it is equipped with different sound modes such as Rock, small speakers, deep, flat, and many more. The sound quality can be enhanced to such a great extent as if a person hears sounds from a Dolby Digital sound system. Different surround modes are available within the application, which are field surround, headphone surround, and lastly, the differential sound.

These modes, when equipped, provide absolutely remarkable sound quality. A simple toggle can also enable reverberation; hence the sound quality can be improved. This feature works according to the room where the speakers are placed. Hence a simple audio input can be transformed into a majestic superb quality sound as an output. In every aspect, viper4android provides absolute rich sound quality to the users of the application. Additional features by the application are viper clarity and viper bass.

These premium features take the audio of the input to a whole new level. The audio is enhanced to a great extent using this premium feature. Sound simulation is another major feature of the application. This feature helps users to remove any odd harmonic frequencies and replace them with extraordinary even harmonics, which overall improves the quality of the music.

The system of the application itself smartly works. Everyone in this world has a different response to a different set of frequencies. Hence the Auditory system protection smartly protects the people’s ears according to their requests.

How to Use?

In order to use this application, An Android device must be rooted. The minimum version of the android being used must be 2.3. Busy box APK must be downloaded in order to obtain this application. Once the busy box is installed within the android mobile device, the referral link can be used to download the software. This software is completely free to use and offers great features to the users.

The installation time for this software is fairly high; therefore, a decent mobile battery level is required. It is recommended to the users to take a back up of their mobile devices before rooting them. It is also necessary to root the devices by a trusted source; otherwise, it can be troublesome for the users. Another software is also required by viper4android in order to work properly. This software goes by names such as TWRP and CWM.


This audio quality improving application is only available across android platforms. Therefore it can not be used to improve the audio quality of other systems such as Mac or Windows. This application is also not available within the consoles; therefore, hearing in different games such as fortnite can not be improved.


Overall, this application works like a charm when it comes to promoting the audio quality of the devices. This application is totally free of cost and is safe from malware. The only downside of using this application is that it can make the RAM heavy for some phones.

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